The recently appointed National Support and Community Outreach Committee (NSCOC) is an advisory committee of the National Board and works with the Support & Community Outreach Team to facilitate PCFA's strategic support and community outreach activities. With PCFA's National Board approval and in collaboration with the Support and Community Outreach Team, NSCOC contributes through:

  • Providing diverse community input, advice and consultation on support and community programs and initiatives, strategies and operations.
  • Assist in raising awareness about PCFA to empower those affected by prostate cancer to access evidence-based information and support.
  • Assist in strategically developing and engaging with diverse community networks impacted by prostate cancer.
  • Providing insight on the needs of PCFA's Network of Support Groups and Ambassadors to assist in strategically developing and maintaining positive engagement.

NSCOC membership will have regard for the diversity of the Australian community and the breadth of PCFA's support and community outreach programs. Member expertise relates to having a grassroots understanding of the current lived experience of prostate cancer across the country, along with professional experience relevant to allied health, health communication and online communication.

Members will take an active role in PCFA's Network and where possible within community groups where disparities occur, such as in regional and remote areas, culturally diverse backgrounds, Indigenous Australians, gay and bi-sexual community and partners and carers.


Current Members

Aprof Tony Walker

Associate Professor Tony Walker, Chairman

Tony Walker ASM is the Chief Executive Officer of Ambulance Victoria. He has over 30 years' experience working in a range of senior clinical governance, education and operational roles and is also an adjunct Associate Professor in the College of Health and Biomedicine at Victoria University. Tony's academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Paramedic Studies, Graduate Diploma in Emergency Health and Master of Education and he is published in an extensive range of literature relating to advancements in paramedic care.

In 2010 Tony was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer at the age of 47 which was successfully treated with a radical prostatectomy and he has been an Ambassador with the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia since 2014. He has three adult children and is enjoying fatherhood the second time around with his little daughter Lucy.


Kerry Caldwell

Kerry Caldwell

Kerry is a Registered Nurse with over 35 years' experience and currently working as the After-hours Coordinator at Gold Coast Hospital. She has completed a Diploma of Nursing followed by a Bachelor of Nursing (post registration), Bachelor of Information Technology and Diploma of Management.

Kerry's husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 49, with the couple sharing different views on treatment based on their varied background and experience. Both Kerry and her husband attended support groups on the Gold Coast in addition to seeking specialist advise to help make the decision to have brachytherapy. Kerry also experienced the loss of her father-in-law to prostate cancer at age 74. With the family so impacted by the disease, Kerry's husband started a men's support day group on Gold Coast North in 2011 with Kerry managing a partners group where people have a coffee and chat. Kerry has eight children, six of which are boys, with a strong desire to continue awareness and research for future generations.


Ross Campbell

Ross Campbell

Ross is a retired electrical contractor who founded and ran his own company for 30 years. During that time he was keenly involved in the industry association, elected to the Western Australian Electrical Licensing Board and the State Administrative Tribunal. Ross was a long term member of Rotary (President in 1986), and has been involved in sporting associations including roles as a football coach and Rear Commodore of Claremont Yacht Club.

Ross was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and underwent a radical prostatectomy in 2013. He became a member of Prost! Exercise Group to help overcome the issues associated with a prostatectomy. Ross is currently the group leader and board secretary for Prost!


John Clinton

John Clinton

John Clinton is a work health and safety professional with his own business, working across various industries to promote and deliver programs for a safer workplace. He has achieved recognition for his work in the field from all levels of management, developing relationships within business and community. As a young surf lifesaver for many years John was involved in a community service patrolling beaches every weekend and training in first aid and rescue. This fostered an interest in emergency response, previously working for the Qld Ambulance Service for 13 years.

After being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and subsequent surgery, John became involved at the request of a doctor, with the Mackay Prostate Cancer Support Group. Together with his wife the group has grown over the years with a focus on men’s health awareness.


Bronwyn Cook

Bronwyn Cook

Bronwyn is the owner and Managing Director of Right at Home Southern NSW, providing homecare assistance to the elderly and people with disabilities. She has extensive experience in nursing, working in a range of management, education, practice, clinical specialist, continence and urology roles. Since 2010, Bronwyn continues to provide continence, urology and prostate nursing services. Her academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Nursing, Graduate Certificate in Urology and Continence, and Masters in Nursing.

After moving to Wagga Wagga in NSW, Bronwyn has presented at several local conferences and education days. She has served on PCFA's NSW/ACT Chapter Council, during which she was heavily involved in the successful growth of support groups. Bronwyn also held the position of Secretary of the Wagga Wagga Prostate Cancer Support Group for several years.


Dr Peter Kay

Dr. Peter Kay

Peter is a public administrator, with experience in Indigenous Affairs for over ten years. His current work focus is on grants administration for non-government organisations providing services to Indigenous Australians. Peter holds a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Business Administration and Doctor of Public Health degrees. Peter has experience in being on voluntary community boards and currently President of the Northern Territory AIDS and Hepatitis Council, and represented the NT at meetings of the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations.

After being diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2013 and having a radical prostatectomy, Peter has been actively involved in PCFA's network. He has assisted with organising monthly support group meetings, following up with new people and their partners, and supplying members with information and PCFA resources. In addition Peter is an Ambassador and has given several presentations at events in Darwin organised to raise awareness for prostate cancer.


Dr Gary Morrison

Dr. Gary Morrison

Gary Morrison has been a health professional and management consultant for over twenty five years. He holds qualifications in political science as well as business and arts. Currently working as an advisor on health policy, migration and population with the Australian Government, Gary also manages his own business in health recruitment across the public and private health sectors. Gary's career has taken him across the world, working in Vancouver, Canada and London, United Kingdom.

Gary has a keen interest in health promotion in the area of men's health and a member of the "Shine a Light" support group which supports gay men in NSW through their journey in understanding and being educated about prostate cancer. He recognises that every man’s journey is different when faced with prostate cancer and that awareness, education and support is vital, not only at a personal level but also for those partners and families affected. In providing this support and information there is also a need for greater advocacy for appropriately funded and timely research to further improve diagnosis, treatment and awareness.


Don Piro

Domenico Piro

Don is a Clinical Social Worker and works in his private practice located in the Barossa Valley, SA. As a therapist he has over 20 years' experience working with a wide range of client groups across various settings such as organisational and staff support services, Carers SA, Relationships Australia SA, and Child Adult Mental Health Services (CAMHS). Don's qualifications include BA of Business (Transportation Studies), BA of Social Administration (Social Work) and Certificate IV – Assessment & Work Place Training.

Don is a stage 4 bowel cancer survivor with an interest in men's health and community involvement. He is currently the Co-coordinator of the Barossa Valley Prostate Cancer Support Group. As a cancer survivor he has an interest in giving back to the community and has become involved in cancer programs and activities. Don is a trained consumer on Cancer Research & Health Economics (CREST), and has been part of various committees that include consumer support, state level policy development and advocacy for cancer patients.


Amanda Pomery

Amanda Pomery

The National Support and Community Outreach Committee is supported by Amanda Pomery, Director, Support & Community Outreach at PCFA. Amanda is a registered Psychologist, with over ten years' clinical experience in counselling, assessment and training. She has worked in a range of government, not-for-profit and private settings including disability and rehabilitation, private practice, organisational and staff support services. Amanda is a PhD candidate with The University of Melbourne undertaking a research study in cancer support group leadership. In addition, she is involved in various stakeholder projects and professional committees focusing on cancer survivorship and psycho-oncology. As Director for PCFA, Amanda is the executive manager of operations and national activities relating to support and awareness in the community.