2012 PCFA Research Funding Round

  Welcome to Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia’s Research Program.  Our program is proudly funded by Movember.

2012 marks the 5th anniversary of PCFA’s Research Program. From its inception in 2007 and due to Movember’s generous and long-term commitment, the program has evolved to being recognised as a world class program that supports the very best Australian research into prostate cancer (PCa). In the last 5 years, through a competitive peer review process, and clear funding strategy, the program has awarded more than $30M to 136 projects nationwide of which 57 remain active.


In fulfilling its mission to support the best scientific talent in PCa nationally, this Research Program provides a logical, consistent and transparent framework for the submission, review and selection of research applications for funding.  Allocation of PCFA research grant funds is guided by a clear strategic focus and a set of specific research priorities, based on identified deficits in prostate cancer research.

Priority-Driven Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme (PdCCRS) 2012 Successful Applicants

PCFA has been a proud partner of Cancer Australia within the Priority-driven Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme (PdCCRS) since 2007. In the last 6 years, PCFA has contributed $3.2M to the scheme to co-fund 12 research projects.
Through the PdCCRS, in 2013, PCFA has supported two of the most competitive prostate cancer applications submitted through the 2012 PdCCRS funding round:

• Dr Butler was awarded a grant for her future work on a new therapeutic, heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90) inhibitor, AUY922, that can potentially be used to treat for high-risk, localised prostate cancer. This grant is co-funded by Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and Cancer Australia.

• Professor Tilley will be focussing on castration-resistant prostate cancer and how it can be targeted. This grant is co-funded by Australian Rotary Health, Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and Cancer Australia.

A list of all of the successful grants can be found here.

Movember Launches Projects under the Global Action Plan (GAP)

Movember has announced the launch of two supplementary projects under the Global Action Plan (GAP) prostate cancer biomarker initiative – The GAP1 xenograft project and the GAP1 Unique TMAs project. Movember has released a global “Expression of Interest” to identify and engage interested researchers with relevant expertise in these two research areas.

Movember GAP1 Xenografts project EOI

Movember GAP1 Unique TMAs EOI

The information received during the EOI process will be used to create trans-national multi-disciplinary teams who will collaborate to answer key clinical questions.

• Investigators interested in the GAP1 Xenograft project should email Movember at xenografts@movember.com and note that the EOI closes on the 1st February 2013.

• Investigators interested in the GAP1 Unique TMA’s project should email Movember at tmas@movember.com and note that the EOI closes on the 28th February 2013

Announcement of Initial Successful Grants- 2012 Funding Round

In 2012 PCFA received 83 applications for funding. Received applications were reviewed by 64 external (international) expert reviewers and 25 national reviewers. The quality of applications was very high. In particular, outstanding young talent requested funding from PCFA this year.
Following recommendations of the Research Advisory Committee, PCFA’s National Board approved funding for 12 top applications (2012 and beyond). 
With the generous support of Movember, this year, we have awarded 8 grants in the New Concept category and 4 within the Young Investigator category. A further announcement will be made in due course regarding the outcome of CA PdCCRS and equipment grant results. 

List of successful grantees
Lay summaries of newly funded research

Aims of PCFA’s Research Program

  • To encourage young investigators to undertake research into prostate cancer and to catalytically support those investigators as they mature toward independent scientists.
  • To stimulate senior scientists, not working in the field of prostate cancer, but with expertise and unique technology that may be relevant prostate cancer research to bring innovative proposals to PCFA; seed funding will be provided to obtain the preliminary data needed for NH&MRC or other grant submissions.
  • To encourage rigorous proposals for research that will provide direct, tangible benefits to patients with prostate cancer in a relatively-short timeframe.
  • To fund equipment purchases, which will facilitate innovative research in prostate cancer.

Research Program Funding Priorities

  • Discover the genetic and cellular factors which initiate and/or perpetuate prostate cancer (PCa).
  • Discover, develop and clinically validate new, non-invasive tests to detect PCa, and/or to determine whether a patient's cancer is surgically curable.
  • Discover, develop and clinically validate new biomarkers that predict the future clinical course of PCa and/or the response to future chemotherapy.
  • Discover, and validate through preclinical and clinical trials, novel molecular targets for chemotherapy of locally-invasive or metastatic PCa, including androgen-independent cancers.
  • Develop new treatment strategies for PCa, especially locally-invasive or metastatic cancers.
  • Undertake research, which if successful, will provide immediate improvements in the quality of life of patients with PCa, especially those with advanced PCa, including studies of the families and carers of men affected by prostate cancer, and studies of the psychological burden of prostate cancer to those men, their families and their caregivers.

PCFA Contact

For further information or questions, please contact us:

Email:   research@pcfa.org.au
Phone:   03 9948 2075
Fax:   03 9629 5655

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