Erectile Dysfunction

Treat ED: prostate edition

As part of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, in partnership with Impotence Australia, and with an education grant from Elli Lilly, has produced an updated resource on erectile dysfunction.

While erectile dysfunction is an unfortunate consequence of prostate cancer treatment, erections can be improved - and the best chance of ensuring a future sex life is with early intervention.

‘treatED: Prostate Edition’ provides detailed, specific information on the impact of the main prostate cancer treatments on erections and how best to mitigate this side effect. The booklet is an extension of the original ‘treatED’ resource, which provides up-to-date information on the main, proven treatments for ED. The original resource has proved extremely popular and is itself now available in five additional languages - Greek, Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese and Arabic.

‘treatED: Prostate Edition’ is simply written with medical information specifically addressing this topic, to help men and their partners better understand the impact of cancer treatment on erectile functioning.

Click here to download the PDF in English

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