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World Wide Prostate Cancer Coalition

The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia is delighted to be a founding member of the World Wide Prostate Cancer Coalition.

Prostate cancer patients around the world now have a global organization to represent their interests. The World Wide Prostate Cancer Coalition was initiated at meeting held in Washington DC in 2006 aligned with the international union against cancer's (UICC) World cancer Congress.

The WWPCC is a coalition of prostate cancer interest groups from around the world that will seek to share information, ideas, visions and dreams to minimize the impact of prostate diseases, especially prostate cancer, in the global community. The group, which is a confederation of patient and professional organizations, will also serve interested organizations from around the world in helping to fulfil their objectives of patient support. In the words of the Inaugural Chairman, Tom Hudson: "We want to provide an environment and repository where interested organizations can access and share relevant information."

The WWPCC will:

  • Foster information to educate men based on relevant patient centred care.
  • Advocate collaboration with professional organizations to support optimal medical treatments.
  • Encourage organizations around the world to pursue quality of life issues based on solidarity and mutual respect.
  • Encourage the establishment of patient groups.

The Founding Members are:

The current Executive is:

  • Chairman, Mr Tom Hudson (Ireland)
  • Mr Keith Beck (New Zealand)
  • Mr Virgil Simons (USA)
  • Mr Wally Seeley (Canada)
  • Mr Bob Sheill (Canada)
  • Mr Hannu Tavio (Finland)
  • Mr Christian Legensa (Germany)
  • Professor Doctor Louis Denis (Belgium)
  • Mr David Sandoe (Australia)

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