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About PCFA Ambassador Program

The PCFA Ambassador Program’s objective is to raise community awareness of prostate cancer and to provide resources for individuals to learn more.
Ambassador presentations are delivered by trained people, many of whom have firsthand experience of prostate cancer.  Ambassadors may have or had prostate cancer, or other prostate diseases. Ambassadors may be the carer/partner of someone with prostate cancer or be a supporter of PCFA without direct experience with prostate cancer.

Information About Ambassadors

I want to be an Ambassador program speaker

PCFA’s Ambassador Program recruits and trains individuals from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, personal interests, cultural and religious affiliations as well as gay, bisexual and transgender communities.

To speak to PCFA about the Ambassador program please call 02 9438 7018 or email ambassadors@pcfa.org.au

Information Sheet for a Prospective Ambassador

Role Summary

Expression of Interest Ambassador Application Form

About Information for Organisations - Secure an Ambassador to Speak

You can arrange an Ambassador to speak at your next function or community group. There are several different presentations available: ‘Prevention and Early Detection’, ‘Treatment Options and Challenges’ and ‘Prostate Cancer What Partners and Carers Need to Know’.
The presentations usually last about 20 minutes (minimum recommended time) with question time afterwards. You can book a PCFA Ambassador by completing the request form.

Request an Ambassador speaker

 How to Secure an Ambassador Speaker  
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Return this request form to:
E-mail: ambassadors@pcfa.org.au or

PO Box 499
St Leonards NSW 1590

Facsimile: 61 2 9438 7099

To speak to PCFA about the Ambassador program call 02 9438 7018 or email ambassadors@pcfa.org.au.

Ambassadors Handbook

The Ambassador Handbook provides information about the organisation and management of the Ambassador Program.

PCFA Ambassador Handbook

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PCFA Ambassador Presentations

Prevention and Early Detection

Target Audience: General community
Description: This 20 minute presentation covers facts about Prostate Cancer.

   Presentation: Prevention and Early Detection

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    Speaker Notes: Prevention and Early Detection   

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Treatment Options and Challenges

Target Audience: Audiences where a diagnosis of prostate cancer has been made. It is suitable for presentation to patients, carers, partners (wife, defacto or same sex partner), family members and friends of men who have been diagnosed. It is suitable for presentation to both men and women of any age.

Description: this 20 minute presentation is designed to inform the audience about the importance of shared decision-making – between the person diagnosed, their family and partners and their health care team. The presentation DOES NOT make recommendations in regard to treatment options.

      Presentation: Treatment Options and Challenges  

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      Speaker Notes: Treatment Options and Challenges  
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What Carers and Partners Need to know

Target Audience: Suitable for partners (wife, defacto or same sex partner) and audiences where people are currently, or have been, carers for someone diagnosed with prostate cancer. It is important to note that partners may also be carers, but not all carers are partners. It is suitable for presentation to both men and women, and people of any age.

Description: The partners and carers presentation provides audiences with an overview of prostate specific health issues, and provides information pertaining to the caring role. The presentation includes information on self-care and the importance of looking after oneself, as a carer and/or as a partner.

  Presentation: What Partners and Carers Need to Know 

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  Speaker Notes: What Partners and Carers Need to Know

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