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    • Facing the Tiger: A Guide for Men with Prostate Cancer and the People Who Love Them- Cost $24.95

    • PROSTATE CANCER - your guide to the disease, treatment options & outcomes - 3rd Edition

    • So, I have Prostate Cancer, what now: a guide for men and their partners livings with prostate cancer - DVD

    • What Women (and Their Men) Need to Know About Prostate Cancer

    • "Eating your way to better health. The Prostate Forum Nutrition Guide." - Cost $30.00
      This book also comes with a PCFA complimentary bookmark with metric conversions and a glossary of American terms.

    • "Beating Prostate Cancer: Hormonal Therapy and Diet"
      Cost $30.00

PROSTATE CANCER your guide to the disease, treatment options & outcomes - 3rd Edition 2010 - $40

By Dr Prem Rashid, Consultant Urologist
Published by Uronorth Group, Port Macquarie

I am pleased to provide the foreword for this third edition.

Since the publication of the first & second editions, prostate cancer continues to be even more firmly established, and recognised, as a key health problem for men.

Once again, Associate Professor Prem Rashid has produced an updated text that will continue to have considerable appeal, and benefit to men either diagnosed with, or concerned about, prostate cancer.

Our ability to diagnose prostate cancers at an earlier stage offers considerable promise. However, with that promise also comes uncertainty. The uncertainty is whether a cancer will, in the lifespan of a man, present a significant threat to his life and well being. We all wish that there was greater clarity but this continues not to be the case at the present time. Men continue to grapple with the uncertainties associated with our current inability to predict the behavior of a particular cancer.

This book sets out the issues very clearly; it takes into account the human side of the problem and how men manage these uncertainties. Its strength is its practical and focussed approach to the problem. I believe that this third edition will continue to be an extremely valuable resource for men confronted either, with the possibility of prostate cancer, or coping with the diagnosis, and then, the treatment decisions.

Villis Marshall AC
Senior Urologist &
Clinical Professor of Surgery,
University of Adelaide

Book Launch

Associate Professor Prem RashidGuest of Honour – General Peter Cosgrove AC MC (retd)left to right Mr David Sandoe OAM (PCFA Deputy Chairman), Dr David Malouf (President USANZ),General Peter Cosgrove AC MC (retd), Associate Professor Prem Rashid, Mr Graeme Johnson (PCFA Chairman)
Photo 1 – Associate Professor Prem Rashid
Photo 2 – Guest of Honour – General Peter Cosgrove AC MC (retd)
Photo 3 – left to right Mr David Sandoe OAM (PCFA Deputy Chairman), Dr David Malouf (President USANZ),General Peter Cosgrove AC MC (retd), Associate Professor Prem Rashid, Mr Graeme Johnson (PCFA Chairman)

Click here to view video of the Book Launch or Read a review of the Book

    DVD - Pelvic Floor Exercises for Men - $15

    Associate Professor Pauline Chiarelli is an academic at the University of Newcastle. She is an author and leading national speaker on pelvic floor exercises for men and women. Pauline has the ability to communicate to men the importance of strong pelvic floor musclues in a positive, uplifting style as revealed in this video. The are nine individual chapters covering: Introduction and bit below the best; Bladder scans; Pelvic floor exercises (PFX); Your exercise plan; PFX before surgery; Being boss of your bladder; Tips for making you boss of your bladder; Moving forward; Credits and references.

    This DVD will assist Australian men to understand their pelvic floor muscles and to improve continence pre and post prostate cancer treatment.

    DVD - So, I have Prostate Cancer, what now: a guide for men and their partners living with prostate cancer- $15

    The DVD cover all aspects of prostate cancer, from detection and diagnoses, though to treatment and side effects. It features commentary by leading health professionals as well as both prostate cancer survivors and carers. These include Prof. Pamela Russell AM, Dr. Rosie King, Dr. Michael Izard, Dr. Warick Delprado, Dr. Gavin Marx, Dr Con Poulos, Dr. David Ludowici, Dr. Phillip Katelaris, Stephen Carroll, Taryn Katz, Assoc. Prof. Phillip Stricker, Prof. Tony Costello, Dr. Peter Royce, Dr. Peter Sutherland, Roger Climpson OAM, John & Elizabeth Allen, Alan & Judith Grace, Margaret Adams, Nerolie Gate, Leisa O’Connor, John Goodall, Tony Sonneveld, Robert and Trish Ellis, Mark Tweeddale, Wayne Doney, Andrea Möhler, Brian Allan, John Yee, John Dick, Jeff Goss, Jeffrey Mortimer, Gerry Anthony, Graham and Adele Staggs, Bill McEnally, and David & Pam Sandoe. This is a Prostate Cancer education initiative supported by Astra Zeneca.

    What Women (and Their Men) Need to Know About Prostate Cancer - $15

    Designed to help women join in the fight against prostate cancer, What Women (and Their Men) Need to Know About Prostate Cancer was written by the Foundation Professor of Nursing at Newcastle University, Irena Madjar, in collaboration with Gail Tingle, wife of the former broadcaster and politician, John Tingle. It seeks to inform women about prostate cancer, pointing out that it is usually curable if diagnosed and treated early enough.

    Professor Madjar said prostate cancer was one of the Big Three Cancers, along with breast and bowel cancer, and killed around 2,700 Australian men every year. This is in fact around the same as the number of Australian women who die from breast cancer annually. Prostate cancer, unlike the other two, was seldom discussed and most people knew little about it.

    "Women do not want to be there just to pick up the pieces when their men are diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. They want to be better informed and, as family health managers, make sure that the men they love are tested regularly", she added.

    According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, prostate cancer is the most common male cancer (excluding non-melanoma skin cancers). There are 12,000 cases of prostate cancer diagnosed in Australia each year and it can be present without any symptoms. It's important that men who have it are diagnosed while the cancer is still in its early stages, so they can be treated successfully. Just like with breast cancer, early detection and treatment of prostate cancer can save lives.

    The book is a direct outcome of an earlier research project led by Professor Madjar. The project showed that wives and partners of men diagnosed with prostate cancer wished they had known more and acted sooner. With knowledge they would have ensured that their men were tested regularly and diagnosed earlier, rather than only after their cancer had taken hold and started to spread.

    Women and their doctors have been very successful in educating the community about the importance of early detection and treatment for breast cancer. Women are just as keen to play an active role in the fight against prostate cancer, but for that they need information. This book gives them that information, as well as sharing experiences of women who have learnt the hard way what it is to go through the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer with their husbands or partners.

    "It's really wonderful that a woman as eminent as Her Excellency has agreed to launch our book", Professor Madjar said. "Women might not have a prostate gland but they are the key to changing community perceptions and making a difference in this vital area of men's health."

    The book explains what the prostate gland is, what it does, what can go wrong with it, and what is involved in being tested for prostate conditions. The book also explains what happens when cancer is diagnosed, what treatment options are available, and what men can do to reduce and manage their risks of developing prostate cancer.

    More than that, the book also draws on experiences of a number of women, to show how their lives were touched by prostate cancer and why they think other women need to become better informed about this subject.

    The writing of the book was funded by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, as part of a developing campaign of awareness about prostate cancer, and in the belief that this knowledge will help improve early detection rates and better outcomes.

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