PCFA Endorsement Policy

PCFA Policy on Sponsorship/ Endorsement of Publications


Awareness and knowledge of prostate cancer is increasing in the medical, health professional and consumer communities due to increased focus on research and awareness raising activities.  PCFA frequently receives requests to formally sponsor and/ or endorse educational information and resources, such as books, pamphlets, DVDs and websites.  PCFA is not in a position to vet all of these submissions for accuracy of content and, given its status as peak body, needs to ensure accuracy of content in anything we endorse.

Policy Position

PCFA is appreciative of the commitment people have to increasing community awareness and education through the development of resources.

Whilst we value people’s time and commitments in these activities, we are not in a position to formally endorse products we have not commissioned in response to current research and evidence gathering activities.

Opportunities to support PCFA’s Work

If you wish to share your professional or personal experience of prostate cancer, this can be done through engaging with one of our affiliated prostate cancer support groups and/or through our Men’s Health Ambassador Program.
There are also opportunities to provide your personal story and experiences by emailing your submission to social@pcfa.org.au

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