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Henry Bucks have for some years now recognised the importance of making men aware of the dangers of Prostate Cancer. We resolved to become supporters of PCFA and to let our customers, many of whom are at a susceptible age to become PC sufferers themselves, know as much as we could about it. The main way we have been able to help is to design and ask our manufacturers in Italy and England to make some fine accessories that can be bought to support the cause or can be worn to show ones belief in supporting the cause. Henry Bucks exclusive woven silk PCFA tie is hand made in Italy and sells for $75. For each tie we sell we donate $30 to PCFA. Our exclusive dark blue enamel PCFA logo inset into dark rhodium silver plate cufflinks are made in England and sell for $69.50. We donate $25 to PCFA. Lastly the PCFA cotton 45cm handkerchief sells at $9.50 and we give $4.50 to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia fund. We have so far given thousands of dollars to PCFA and are happy to know this money is going to such a great cause.

Our fine quality PCFA accessories are available in all our stores or can be ordered freecall 1800651399 or online through our website

Henry Bucks - Hankerchief, Tie and Cuff Links

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