‘I can’t emphasise enough that there needs to be more support for the guys from the word go when they are diagnosed and told the news that they have prostate cancer.’

Being diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer can be stressful and people usually need time to adjust. It may be a time of emotional turmoil that can make you feel vulnerable, uncertain, not in control, and powerless. It is important for you to know that treatment for advanced prostate cancer can help men live for many years. Information and support are crucial in helping you cope with the advanced prostate cancer diagnosis and find ways to maintain a quality of life. 

When you’re first diagnosed, it can be beneficial to talk with people who can support you, such as family members or a health professional (e.g. your GP or a psychologist). 

Always make sure that information comes from credible and reliable sources. While there is a wide range of information available on the internet, it can be confusing, inaccurate or irrelevant to your particular situation. Your healthcare team can assist you with finding information that is most useful for your situation. 

You can read more about ways of coping and living with advanced prostate cancer in one of the booklets in this series: Wellbeing.