Localised PCTreatment Diag

Your GP will refer you to a specialist to take over the care of your localised prostate cancer. Sometimes your care will be managed by a ‘multidisciplinary team’ or healthcare team, with special expertise in this area. You may find it helpful to take someone close to you to these appointments, as two ears are better than one when it comes to such important information.

Some of the specialists you might deal with include:

GP: Your first port of call, looking after your day-to-day health problems, coordinating care for them and providing referrals to other specialists as necessary

Urologist: A specialist in treating diseases of the urinary tract system and male reproductive organs

Radiation oncologist: A specialist in the treatment of cancer using radiation therapy

Diagnosing medical oncologist: A specialist doctor who uses different drugs to treat cancer (chemotherapy)

Endocrinologist: A doctor who specialises in hormones, body chemistry and bone density

Pathologist: Conducts tests to assess the stage and aggressiveness of cancer

Nurse(also known as Urology or Prostate Care Nurse): Provides treatment, support and assistance through all treatment stages

Cancer nurse coordinator: Guides you and your family through cancer treatments and liaises with other care providers

Pharmacist: Dispenses medications and offers medication advice

Continence nurse: Helps you manage any problems related to continence (urinary) care after treatment

Dietitian: Recommends the best eating plan while in treatment and recovery

Physiotherapist: Specialises in movement and function of the body and advises on resuming normal physical activities

Social worker and occupationaltherapist: Advise on support services and resuming normal activities

Psychologist: Provides help with emotional, social and spiritual challenges

Men’s health physician: Specialist in men’s health, including health checks and sexual health

Sex therapist: Provides sex therapy and relationship counselling to individuals or couples dealing with intimacy or sexuality issues and relationship concerns.