Complementary and alternative medicine is a broad term that covers many forms of non-traditional treatment, and has been used by some people with prostate cancer. Complementary medicine and alternative medicine are not the same. Complementary medicine is usually used alongside conventional medicines. Alternative medicine is used instead of conventional medicine and is generally unproven and not recommended.

Some men with prostate cancer might use complementary medicine alongside conventional prostate cancer treatments to help them cope with the physical and emotional symptoms of cancer or the side effects of treatments. Make sure you use safe and proven therapies and not therapies that are unproven, possibly harmful and promoted as alternatives or substitutes for conventional medicine. Complementary medicines that can improve your quality of life include vitamins, minerals and special diets, meditation, yoga, acupuncture and massage. It is important to speak with your healthcare team if you are thinking of using complementary medicine to make sure they are safe and won’t interfere with any of your other treatments.