30 March 2015

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) today announced the opening of a $5 million funding round for prostate cancer research, focused on reducing the impact of prostate cancer on Australian men. The Movember Foundation contributed $4 million towards the funding, which brings the total national investment in prostate cancer research to more than $50 million.

The funding will be awarded across two categories: The Movember Clinical Trials Awards for the clinical management of prostate cancer patients, and The Movember Clinician Scientist Awards to support professionals become independent researchers in the field of prostate cancer.

Paul Villanti, Executive Director at the Movember Foundation, says the organisation is proud to be supporting such vital research funding.

"Having completed our initial investment in the Movember Revolutionary Team Award Program, we see the Clinician Scientist and Clinical Trials Awards as key priorities in Australia given they will accelerate progress towards our goal of ending death and suffering from prostate cancer," said Mr Villanti.

"We are delighted to be able to invest in these programs."

Associate Professor Anthony Lowe, Chief Executive Officer of PCFA, is calling for submissions to the funding rounds.

"PCFA will to continue to support new ideas from senior investigators across the field and also young investigators working in basic science," said Associate Professor Lowe.

"Our research focusses primarily on reducing the impact of prostate cancer on Australian men, their partners and families, recognising the diversity of the Australian community. This means a strong emphasis on consumer priorities, survivorship, clinical trials and clinician-led research, while continuing to fund important, cutting edge basic research."

The submission announcement follows the introduction of a new strategy of funding and an investment of $10.5 million into the Movember Team Awards. PCFA’s Research Program has to date competitively funded 175 grants, 29 of which remain active.

Full details about the PCFA's Research Program, grant categories and application details can be found at www.pcfa.org.au. Specific deadlines for each funding category can be found here.