05 August 2015

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) is gearing up for its 2015 Big Aussie Barbie campaign and is excited to announce that Jim Beam, the world's No. 1 bourbon, has come on board as a sponsor for the major fundraising initiative.

PCFA's Big Aussie Barbie campaign encourages Australians to turn their everyday barbecues into fundraising Big Aussie Barbies in support of the organisation’s work. Through its GIVE BACK WITH JIM BEAM BLACK initiative, Jim Beam will donate one dollar for every PCFA co-branded Jim Beam Black 700ml bottle and 10-pack sold throughout Australia, aiming to contribute $125,000 to the cause.

Ben Andrews, Marketing Manager at Jim Beam says the company is excited to be partnering with PCFA to raise awareness of prostate cancer in Australia.

"Our intention by supporting the PCFA is to help take the Big Aussie Barbie initiative to new levels this year and encourage more men and women to be aware of the effects and incidence of prostate cancer. As well as driving awareness through our on-pack promotion, we will be supporting all PCFA events nationally and hosting our own event in September," said Andrews.

"We've been making history for over 200 years, crafting bourbon loved by so many. But we wouldn't be where we are today if it were not for the support and passion of our fans, which is why we are passionate about giving back to the community. As a company built from seven generations of strong men, family is incredibly important to us, and as a family we want to look after one another and raise awareness for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia."

Seventh generation Jim Beam Master Distiller Fred Noe will be in Australia this September to attend PCFA's Melbourne and Sydney events for the Big Aussie Barbie campaign.

"If cooking up a few snags - as you call them - on a barbie helps men talk about prostate cancer, then I'm all for it," said Noe. "As my family's seventh generation Master Distiller, I know as well as anyone how important family is. That's why Jim Beam is committed to supporting and raising awareness for this very important cause."

Associate Professor Anthony Lowe, Chief Executive Officer of PCFA, says the organisation is thrilled to be working with Jim Beam and to have the support of such an iconic brand.

"We are pleased to have Jim Beam, the biggest spirit brand in Australiai, on board for our campaign. The Big Aussie Barbie initiative is a chance for all Australians to turn their barbecues into opportunities to talk about prostate cancer and raise money for prostate cancer research, support and awareness programs," said Associate Professor Lowe.

"PCFA relies greatly on the funds we receive through campaigns such as the Big Aussie Barbie in order to run our programs and launch new ventures. Every dollar counts and every dollar will get us closer to reducing the impact of this disease."


Big Aussie Barbie events

  • Friday 21 August - Central Market, Adelaide (South Western Entrance)
  • Wednesday 2 September - King George Square, Brisbane
  • Thursday 3 September - Treasury Gardens, Melbourne
  • Friday 4 September - The East End, Adelaide
  • Friday 4 September - Central Park, Perth
  • Thursday 10 September - Wynyard Park, Sydney

Jim Beam will also be hosting their own Big Aussie Barbie in September at the Penrith Panthers Pepper Stadium.

For more information about the Big Aussie Barbie campaign, visit www.bigaussiebarbie.com.au

For more information about Jim Beam, visit www.jimbeam.com.au

Click here to view PCFA's Position Statement on Big Aussie Barbie alcohol and food consumption.

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