27 April 2017

Connecting the Australian community with leading professionals
in the field of prostate cancer:
A free forum to discuss the latest research and management of prostate cancer

Thursday 27 April 2017: Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) has this year chosen Brisbane as the host of Community Conversations, the event that connects the Australian community with leading researchers to share the latest findings in the field.

PCFA is encouraging the Queensland community to attend the free event, which will take place on Friday 19 May 2017 at the Translational Research Institute (TRI), one of the leading prostate cancer research hubs nationally. Facilitated by former ABC journalist, radio host and author Julie McCrossin, this open, interactive forum will give attendees access to the latest information on prostate cancer and the latest trends on the management of the disease.

This platform allows researchers specialising in prostate cancer to address an audience impacted by the disease and share the latest medical advances related to prostate cancer detection, treatment and management.

In addition, as part of our overall support and outreach strategy to benefit culturally diverse communities, this event will specifically cater for attendees of Chinese background on the day, via an interpreting and translation service.

An amazing faculty will join us to deliver important, up to date news and health messages on the day. Survivorship research world leading expert Professor Suzanne Chambers, academic general practitioner Professor Jenny Doust, urologist and researcher Dr Ian Vela, researcher Dr Michele Teng, nutritional researcher Dr Olivia Right, manager of community services at CCQ Amy Parker and prostate cancer nurse Chris McNamara will not only deliver presentations in various topic throughout the day but will also form a panel that will specifically address questions from the audience.

According to Associate Professor Anthony Lowe, Chief Executive Officer of PCFA, it is important for Australians to be given the opportunity to interact with Australian researchers and get an understanding of what research projects are supported by PCFA.

"PCFA supports world leading research into prostate cancer and we feel it is important to allow people in the community who have been affected by the disease to hear the latest news direct from the source," said Associate Professor Lowe.

"When a family is faced with a prostate cancer diagnosis, being exposed to the latest research can help put you in a better position to participate in decisions about treatment. The Community Conversations event in Brisbane will bring together researchers, members of the public and PCFA representatives to deliver information about prostate cancer from a range of perspectives."

Associate Professor Lowe added, "Following on from the success in Adelaide last year, we look forward to meeting with the community in Brisbane this year, and subsequently rolling this out to a different state next year."

Community Conversations: Key details

Date: Friday 19 May 2017
Time: 10:00am – 3:30pm, registration commences at 9:00am
Location: Translational Research Institute (TRI), Woolloongabba, Brisbane

Event Highlights

  • Q&A session with health professionals on managing the day-to-day challenges of living with prostate cancer
  • Personal stories shared by those who have experienced prostate cancer
  • Diet and nutrition recommendations that may assist with managing the side effects of treatment and the ongoing impact of prostate cancer

Registration to the Community Conversations event is essential. To book your place, visit www.pcfa.org.au/communityconversations or call 1800 220 099 (free call)