10 July 2017

PCFA Ambassador gives radio interview for SBS Radio in Bosnian and English

PCFA Ambassador Vin Jenkins contributed to International Men's Health Week by helping to increase prostate cancer awareness in both Bosnian and English speaking communities.

Vin, who is an active Ambassador in the Melbourne area, was invited as a guest on SBS Radio to discuss the importance of awareness and early detection of prostate cancer. Vin was able to highlight the importance of early detection, and how it relates to his own personal cancer experience.

As over 20,000 Australian men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year, Men’s Health Week is a fantastic time to bring awareness to this issue, which impacts not only Australian men, but their families and the wider community.

The eleven-minute radio transcript, which originally aired on June 15th, can be found in Bosnian via the SBS link:


Click here to listen to the English language version.

PCFA thanks Vin Jenkins and SBS Radio for their joint efforts in increasing awareness of this important topic. For more information on PCFA and prostate cancer resources in languages other than English, please visit here.