14 February 2018

A new prostate care service has opened in Joondalup, Western Australia.

Built on a world-class model of excellence, the Prostate Care Centre (PCC) is a specialist medical service that brings together a network of dedicated specialists and allied health professionals.

Integral to the new centre is Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse Julie Sykes whose position, a first for Perth’s northern suburbs, is funded through the generous support of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA). PCFA launched the Prostate Cancer Specialist Nursing Service in 2012 and Julie joins the 45 existing specialist nurses who are currently working in hospitals across Australia.

"Being diagnosed with prostate cancer can be a devastating blow to men and their families. Understanding the diagnosis, treatment options and processes can also be difficult to navigate for many. My role is to work with the patient, his family, and the medical team in a supportive capacity right from the moment of diagnosis to ensure that the diagnosis, treatment options and treatment plan are understood. I assist with all aspects of care coordination including access to other relevant services," said Ms Sykes.

With prostate cancer the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men and responsible for close to 3,300 deaths each year in Australia, the Prostate Care Centre, a collaborative initiative between GenesisCare and Perth Radiological Clinic, focuses on providing men with the latest diagnostic and treatment advances to ensure the best possible outcomes.

"By bringing together highly skilled medical specialists from different disciplines to form a dedicated prostate team, we are able to evaluate all appropriate treatment options and formulate a treatment plan with only the patient’s best interests in mind," stated Associate Professor Raphael Chee, Radiation Oncologist and Medical Director at GenesisCare in Joondalup.

"When a man is referred to the Prostate Care Centre, he may physically be seen by one or two consultants but, in most cases, his condition will also be discussed at a multidisciplinary meeting where the entire prostate specialist medical team is present. It's the old analogy of two heads are better than one, but in this case there are many heads evaluating each case and deciding upon the best course of action," continued Associate Professor Chee.

Mr Peter Garland from Clarkson, who is living with prostate cancer, welcomes the new centre as a source of expert care and support.

"When my GP first told me that my PSA blood test results were elevated and required further investigation, it was like I’d been hit by a lightning bolt. Had a specialist nurse been available at the time of my diagnosis, it would have made things a lot easier as there were so many questions and concerns running through my mind. The Prostate Care Centre is really good news for men in my situation, and with everything and everyone under the one roof there’s no need to travel south," explained Mr Garland.

The Prostate Care Centre is located on level 2 at Shenton House, 57 Shenton Avenue (opposite Joondalup Health Campus). Consultation with the prostate cancer specialist nurse is available free of charge to all men diagnosed with prostate cancer living in the Joondalup or Wanneroo shires or undergoing treatment at Shenton House. More information can be obtained by contacting Julie Sykes on 08 9400 6271 or julie.sykes@genesiscare.com.au

Julie Sykes - Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse

Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse Julie Sykes provides support, advice and care coordination to men diagnosed with prostate cancer.