Men like Andrei are still waiting for a new prostate cancer treatment that can save their lives.

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Like tens of thousands of other Australian men, Andrei is waiting and desperately hoping for a prostate cancer treatment that can save his life.

At just 48, Andrei has already been battling prostate cancer for four years. Sadly, surgeries, radiation and hormone therapy haven’t stopped it yet.

Andrei is trying hard to stay hopeful. But he knows the more his prostate cancer advances, the less chance he has of being here for his wife Alison and two young daughters, Emma and Georgia.

Please donate now to help raise $500,000 to fund a clinical trial that could get a life-saving treatment to men like Andrei before it's too late.


Researchers need your help to begin a new clinical trial called ‘Evolution’ that could get a breakthrough treatment to men with advanced prostate cancer.

They believe combining immunotherapy with a drug called Lutetium could give men like Andrei new hope for survival – and more time with their families.

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