‘A standard type visit at the urologist is not enough, it’s only a ten or fifteen minute timeframe…’

Because of what you may be feeling, it may make it difficult to remember and understand information given to you when you’re talking with your healthcare team. It can be useful to have someone with you to make notes so you can refer to them later on or help remember information you may have missed. Limited consultation time with health professionals can be managed by being prepared. Before your appointment, think about and note down the questions you want to ask.

Listed below are some questions you may want to ask members of your healthcare team about your advanced prostate cancer:

  • Outlooke.g. What can I expect after I start treatments? What would happen if I don’t start treatment straight away?
  • Overall healthe.g. Should I see a dietitian? How can I maintain my energy levels?
  • Supporte.g. Can you give me a referral to a counsellor? Is there a support group for men with advanced prostate cancer or my partner/family? How do I talk with my (male relatives) about their chances of developing this disease?
  • Relationshipe.g. Who could I see to deal with changes in my relationships with my partner or family? What do I tell my family about my illness to prepare them?