‘I wasn’t told that much about the treatments and … the side effects that could result from the treatments … I had no idea of any questions to ask.

Part of making the best treatment decision is to learn about the possible side effects from the different treatment options. Even though not everyone will experience the side effects in the same way, it would be useful for you to know about them so you are prepared.

Listed below are some questions you may want to ask members of your healthcare team about treatment and side effects:

  • What are the treatment choices for my stage of advanced prostate cancer?
  • What are the expected advantages of each treatment option?
  • What are the disadvantages and side effects of each treatment option?
  • How can the side effects be managed?
  • Will the side effects get better or worse as my treatment goes along?
  • What can I do before starting treatment to prepare for them or reduce their impact?
  • Are there things that I can do to help relieve the side effects?
  • Who should I see about side effects?
  • Will I need to change my normal activities? If so, for how long?

These are not the only questions to ask. There may be questions you have that are specific to your needs. The important thing to do is to always ask questions that can help you understand treatment and side effects better so you can make the best treatment decision for you.