To make the most of your consultation time with health professionals, it is important to be prepared. Think about and note down the questions you want to ask. This way, you will leave the appointment with the information you want.

The following are some examples of questions you might want to ask your doctor, but there could be others that are more relevant to you

What do the tests tell us about my cancer?

How do you know it hasn’t spread?Can this cancer be cured?

What can I expect after I start treatment?

What would happen if I don’t start treatment straight away?

Can you refer me to other health professionals to help me deal with my diagnosis and any side effects?

What are my options for treatment?

What are the pros and cons of each option in my case?

Are there other factors I need to consider before making a decision?

What is your own experience with this particular form of treatment?

How many of these procedures have you performed before?

What are the risks of the treatment?How long will I be in hospital?

What will be my out of pocket costs?

What lifestyle changes should I be making?