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Since 1965, SUBWAY® owners have been devoted to offering customers customised made to order sandwiches with a wide range of better-for-you options. Providing lots of choice, easy access to vegetables, as well as detailed nutrition, dietary, and healthy lifestyle information has been a priority for the SUBWAY® chain for many years.

As the world's largest restaurant chain with over 43,000 restaurants in 109 countries, thousands of dedicated entrepreneurs have the opportunity to run their own business, while playing an important role in their communities.

The 2014 partnership between Subway® restaurants and Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) has paid off in spades, or rather small change. Over $300,000.00 was raised in Subway® restaurants in South Australia, Western Australia and metropolitan Victoria!

PCFA blue Subway® badged moneyboxes, shaped like baseball caps and stationed at tills, collect donations in coin and even notes from very generous Subway® restaurant customers.

The Subway® team and over 40 PCFA volunteers across three states (including 30 members of the World Police and Fire Games Club in Melbourne) work together to ensure money is collected and banked in a timely fashion - no mean feat.

"Subway is made up of thousands hard working local people from all over Australia, each doing their bit to make our system a success. Our passionate local teams help support the charities that matter most to them, and we know our franchisees are proud to play a part in helping PCFA continue their great work." said Ben Miles, Communications Specialist, Subway.

A heartfelt thanks goes out to Subway® management and staff and the hardworking volunteer crew, as well as the incredibly generous Subway® customers!