PCFA is proud to once again be the beneficiary of The Long Ride 2019. Founded by Chris & Gail Dunne, the ride inspires people to join together and ride for a cause. All attendees are encouraged to discuss the issue of prostate cancer, bringing into focus this important men's health issue, especially to the rural and regional stops along the way.

The Long Ride 2019 is going to Darwin, with an optional extension ride to Broome. The departure dates will vary depending on start location, from Sydney the ride will commence on 11 May 2019.

Members of The Long Ride are encouraged to raise at least $1000 per rider, to help reduce the impact of prostate cancer on men and their families.

The Long Ride founder, Chris Dunne, says that The Long Ride is designed to encourage you to do something totally different in your life. It is about life on the road, meeting new people, and exploring yourself as you do something you love to do - ride your motorcycle.

So, if you want a challenge, to do something different, if you want to make a contribution to the community, then join The Long Ride and visit places you have never been, make new friends and above all make a difference.

For more information please either visit the website http://pcfafundraising.org.au/event/thelongride2019 or contact PCFA on 02 9438 7000.


The Long Ride 2016 Pic 1

The Long Ride 2016 Pic 2