PCFA’s work would not be possible without support from the community. Your fundraising efforts make a difference to the people we are aiming to help: Australian men with prostate cancer, their partners, families and the wider community.

There are a number of ways you can organise an event

  • Use an online fundraising platform
  • PCFA can help you organise an event, and guide you through the process


Raise funds online

If you're organising an event, it's easy to raise funds by setting up an online fundraising page.

  • Challenge event
    Set up your challenge event and invite your network to lend support, whether it’s a paddle board competition, cycling event, or an overseas challenge. Please click here.
  • Fundraising event
    Whether you’re having a lunch, dinner or morning tea, you can set up your own fundraising page. Please click here.
  • In Memory
    By setting up a donation web site in memory of someone you love, and you can send an email link to family and friends so they can contribute. Please click here.
  • Special occasion
    If you are having a special occasion, and would like to provide an opportunity for guests to give a donation in lieu of gifts please click here.


With help from PCFA

If you would like our help to organise an event we can guide you through the process. Click here to submit your fundraising plan.
We’ll send you materials and offer all the support you need to make your fundraising event a huge success.

Top Tips to make your online fundraising page look and feel amazing

  1. Add Pictures: Upload a picture to help bring your page to life
  2. Add your story: Write the story of why you are taking part in this event and have chosen to raise funds for PCFA. Keep this section updated with your training and fundraising information.
  3. Make the first donation count: The first donation on your page sets the average. All your donors will be likely to follow with a similar or the same amount!
  4. Show people you are passionate: It's great to kick-start your fundraiser by making a donation to yourself.
  5. Ask for help: set up a committee to share the workload