'Josef, we have no treatment options left.'

Every year, 3,500 men still lose their lives to prostate cancer. That means too many men like Josef won't be with their families this Christmas.

We need your help today to fund more research and find new treatments for prostate cancer.

Josef's Story

Josef was a world-renowned chef with a thriving career and two children he adored. He lived on a beautiful farm with his loving wife, Linda.

He had everything to live for.

Five years ago, Josef was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He immediately had surgery to remove his prostate. He was cancer free for four years, but sadly the cancer returned, this time more aggressively.

Josef Family Photo

At the time, Josef's daughter Emily was working overseas in Amsterdam, but it was too much to deal with from a distance.

"When the chemo didn’t work, I knew I had to come back. While I tried to stay positive I had a bad feeling about what could happen" – Emily.

Shortly after, the oncologist gave Josef the news no father and husband wants to hear;

'Josef, we have no treatment options left.'

Josef was only 60 years of age when he passed away. Tragically, it was also Linda's birthday.

This means that each year on her birthday, instead of celebrating she'll be remembering Josef, the love of her life, and reflecting on another year without him.

Without more research into finding new treatments for prostate cancer, men like Josef will continue to lose their lives. That's why we need your help today.

A revolutionary new treatment for prostate cancer

Right now, a new treatment is being trialled and it could soon be an alternative to chemotherapy both in terms of its effectiveness and reduced side effects. It's called Lutetium-PSMA.

This incredible treatment is delivered only to cancer cells.

A radioactive molecule is first injected into the patient's blood to find the cancer cells within the body. Once the location of these cells is known, the lutetium coupled with the radioactive molecule called PSMA that is injected into the patient travels to these cells and kills them.

Determining whether this treatment is safe and a lifesaving option for men with advanced prostate cancer is expensive, and therefore further funding is needed.

Can you imagine what a treatment like this would mean for so many men like Josef and their families?

Emily - Reading Eulogy

This year, Linda and her two children face their first Christmas without the father and husband that was the driving force of their family. Emily has one hope:

I hope that sharing what we're going through encourages people to get behind more research for prostate cancer. I hope there comes a day when prostate cancer can't take the life of someone close to you – Emily

Please donate today to fund more research and find new treatments that could save the life of someone you love.