16 April 2014

Following a $7.5 million investment in advanced prostate cancer research via two Team Awards in 2013, PCFA and the Movember Foundation are once again offering a major three-year grant to enable research which will transform the way localised prostate cancer is clinically managed.

The new Movember Foundation Revolutionary Team Award will provide $3.25 million over three years to a team which will collaborate across disciplines and institutions in Australia and internationally to make a significant global contribution to prostate cancer research.

Applications must focus on prostate cancer research priorities such as how to distinguish aggressive from indolent prostate cancer, how to identify men at risk of aggressive cancer, and how to develop new ways to reduce the side effects from the treatment or monitoring of local disease.

PCFA CEO Associate Professor Anthony Lowe says that team awards recognise the tremendous strengths in prostate cancer research and clinical capacity in Australia, and offer an exciting opportunity to link with and build upon the strengths that exist in Europe and North America.

MRTA 3 aims to foster collaboration between scientists and clinicians in different institutions and at different stages of their careers. It is hoped that these collaborations and partnerships will survive well beyond the three year term of the award so that the chosen team has the capacity to continue its research long-term.

The Award also encourages collaboration with overseas institutions, with the aim of strengthening research in this country and giving international stature to the work conducted in Australia.

The Movember Foundation is an independent global charity which aims to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health. It has supported PCFA’s Research Program since 2007, funding 158 prostate cancer research projects throughout Australia valued at approximately $40 million.

Expressions of interest in the MRTA 3 category are due on May 9th 2014, and the award will be announced in December.

For full description of the award and how to apply for an MRTA 3 please go to: MRTA_2014_Award_3_FINAL.pdf