31 January 2018

British prostate cancer fundraiser, Ian Gregory, has been in Australia on his epic Ride Down Under.

Despite having a chronic pain disorder, eight damaged discs in his spine and arthritis, Ian has been cycling a staggering 2,000 miles or 3,200 kilometres in Australia over January to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer.

PCFA staff in Sydney and Adelaide have met Ian and his team along his route and have been inspired by his commitment to raising awareness for prostate cancer around the world after his Uncle sadly passed away from the disease.


“Since I landed in Melbourne everyone here in Australia has been so supportive and welcoming.

Every time someone has seen me in my Prostate Cancer UK shirt with my Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia pin badge they have stopped and asked me what I'm doing. The interest in tracking me and the support is fantastic.

The ride over from Yass Junction to Canberra and then over the Royal National Park into Sydney was simply amazing, we had a great time seeing some of the fabulous wildlife and countryside.

We have also encountered a few challenging stretches. On our way from Canberra we were hit by a huge thunderstorm and a bizarre cold front that crossed out path before Wingello.

The sunny day almost turned to night as the storm front hit. We were cycling through an avenue of trees when huge side winds suddenly hit us. They must have been 50-60kph at least, carrying branches from the trees through the sky and across the road at us and the bikes. This was to say scary at the least.

Getting to the Opera House was a real sense of relief and achievement, made even better by being met by a representative of PCFA and a much-needed beer.

The next morning we left the city for the Blue Mountains and into Lithgow. A long hot day and a large amount of climbing.

Bathurst was great and very very hot, and the cycle from Bathurst to Blaney was another challenging section; due to the 38° plus heat we could not carry enough water to make it much further that day and called for the support car to move us in to the overnight stop.

Leaving Griffith, we headed out in the Hay Plains and into a horrible headwind that lasted all day long and sapped our strength. I was shocked at the scale of the Hay Plain as I cycled across it. 8 or 9 Isle of Wights could easily fit into it, if not more.

A mechanical issue forced us into Adelaide a day early and so far we have been at a number of tour start and finish locations and have found road users in Adelaide to be amazing and very courteous to us cyclists.

Thanks to the team, without them I could not have even have entertained such a trip. Thanks to HEATH (the dark knight) Ryan, Greg Berry, Kate Moody, Jacqui Hoare and Ian Mummers.”

Ian Gregory


You can donate to Ian's PCFA fundraising page here: https://give.everydayhero.com/au/pommies-ride-down-under