07 February 2021

Lara Lowndes has helped launch a new Valentine’s Day campaign to help prevent prostate cancer deaths and raise awareness of the disease.

The campaign urges Australians to buy a Forget Me Not as a symbol of empathy for men living with prostate cancer and their partners.

Lara’s husband, Australian racing car driver Craig Lowndes, faces five times the risk of developing the disease due to his family history.

“Although we live a high paced life, Craig and I are lucky to have a strong connection, and every year whether he’s at home or away racing he goes out of his way to show he cares,” Lara says.

“This year we’ll be connecting with a cause that’s really important to us – demonstrating our solidarity with Australian men who have prostate cancer.

“Craig’s father and brother have both battled the disease, and Craig faces five times the risk of being diagnosed.

“This Valentine’s Day, I’ll be showing him I care by having the conversation and gently reminding him to have his regular check-up, and by purchasing him a Forget Me Not to plant in PCFA’s Virtual Garden.

“It’s an easy conversation to have and the PSA test is just a simple blood test.

“I’d welcome other wives and partners – and blokes – to join us by buying a Forget Me Not this Valentine’s Day to support the life-saving work of Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

“In his own blokey Australian supercar-crazy way, I know that Craig is grateful to have my support.”

Prostate cancer is the most common male cancer in Australia, with 45 men diagnosed each day. More than 3000 Australian men die from the disease each year, a death toll that PCFA says can be avoided if we improve early detection and treatment.

The side-effects of treatment commonly include erectile dysfunction, incontinence, and weight gain from hormonal therapy. One in five men with prostate cancer will develop anxiety and depression, and men living with the disease face a 70 per cent increased risk of suicide.

You can buy a Forget Me Not here > https://fundraise.pcfa.org.au/event/valentines/home.

For pre-recorded interviews with Lara, please contact Anne Savage at PCFA on 0417 709 869.