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What is MatesCONNECT?

MatesCONNECT is a telephone-based peer support service for men affected by prostate cancer. It is a way you can talk to a PCFA trained volunteer who has been through prostate cancer and understands what you are going through. They can help you understand your treatment options, side-effects and what to expect.

How do you access MatesCONNECT?

To access MatesCONNECT call 1800 22 00 99 or email [email protected]

Call 1800 22 00 99

How can MatesCONNECT help?

Through MatesCONNECT you can talk to someone who has experienced prostate cancer and understands what it’s like to live through a prostate cancer diagnosis. They can help you by offering emotional support and by sharing information about their journey with you. While our volunteers can’t give you medical advice, they can help you know what to expect and what it is like to live with prostate cancer.  

You can get practical and supportive advice on treatment and their side effects, such as incontinence, erectile dysfunction, and how to cope with hormone therapy

Research shows that peer-run self-help programs deliver significant improvement in psychological and psychosocial quality of life, resulting in decreased hospitalisation, enriched social support networks, and enhanced self-esteem and social functioning.

Is MatesCONNECT suitable when you are in crisis or need urgent support?

The MatesCONNECT telephone-based peer support service is not a crisis line. Should you need urgent emotional support, please contact:

Lifeline 131114
MensLine 1300 78 998
Beyond Blue 1300 2246 36

In the event of an emergency always dial 000.

For support regarding prostate cancer-specific medical or practical issues you can call our PCFA Telenursing Service on 1800 22 00 99 or at [email protected].

Follow the link below to learn more: 

Our Telenursing Service

Key Points

  • MatesCONNECT is a telephone-based peer support service that links newly diagnosed men with survivors of prostate cancer
  • It can provide practical and emotional support from trained volunteers who have had prostate cancer and can understand what you are going through
  • You can access MatesCONNECT and be connected to a volunteer by calling 1800 22 00 99