The Life Force Program

The Life Force Program

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What is the PCFA Life Force Program?

The Life Force Program aims to raise awareness of prostate cancer in workplaces and communities across Australia, encouraging men to take action to maintain and improve their health. 

Sign up to the program and we will arrange a presentation by a trained PCFA representative for you and your team, giving you access to information, materials, and support to help save lives.

You are key to the program’s success, and together we can achieve our vision – a future where no man dies of prostate cancer.

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What does the program include?

Community Speakers – trained volunteers who can present to workplaces, community groups and organisations to raise prostate cancer awareness. They can be found Australia wide for in-person presentations and are also available for online presentations. Many of our volunteers have first-hand experience of prostate cancer or are a family member or partner of someone who has and are passionate about improving men’s health. 

Sharable resources – a range of information resources that can be downloaded for your workplace or community group. This includes digital or printable posters, and tiles for intranet platforms and social media platforms.

Engagement opportunities – from workplace giving, to team fundraising challenges, we have engagement opportunities for all workplaces and community groups to further their efforts to improve employee and members health, wellbeing and awareness. 

How you can get involved?

Book a presentation – to book a community speaker or to arrange for relevant information resources for your workplace or community group, please reach out to us at [email protected] or phone 1800 22 00 99.

For all general enquiries, please email [email protected]

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Key Points

  • Our Life Force Program aims to raise awareness of prostate cancer in workplaces and communities 
  • It involves community speakers, shareable resources and engagement opportunities
  • If you want to live and work in a healthier world and raise awareness about prostate cancer, contact [email protected] to book a presentation by a trained PCFA representative