Your Wellbeing Plan

Your Wellbeing Plan

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What is a Wellbeing Plan?

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer is often very stressful and can lead to feelings of sadness, worry and distress. These feelings are different for everyone and may be affected by your overall health, the type of cancer you have, the treatments you have and your individual life circumstances. 

At the same time, you may find yourself having lots of different tests and meeting many different health professionals. You will need to keep track of your appointments, diagnosis, tests results, treatments and follow up appointments.

My Wellbeing Plan

Download your copy of My Wellbeing Plan. Ask a PCFA nurse to help you fill out your plan.


To help you, PCFA has created the My Wellbeing Plan, a personal care plan that can be specially tailored for you. It is a way you can keep information in one place about your diagnosis, treatment, ongoing care, priorities and your wellbeing. The plan (also known as a survivorship care plan) also looks at all the ways prostate cancer can impact your life and wellbeing and includes physical, psychosocial, spiritual and economic effects. 

Be sure you take your Wellbeing Plan with you to your appointments so that your healthcare providers have a clear picture of your experience with prostate cancer. You can ask them to help you update the plan as your wellbeing needs change.

What does My Wellbeing Plan include?

My Wellbeing Plan is an evidence-informed resource that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. It is a summary of your diagnosis, treatments, test results, follow-up care, medications, ongoing care and wellbeing goals and priorities. 

It includes: 

  • Your details
  • Your treatment plan – treatment type and dates, medications, PSA levels, follow up appointments
  • A wellbeing assessment form that you can use to monitor how you are feeling and determine what is causing you stress or worry
  • Your wellbeing priorities and how you are progressing in achieving them 
  • Information on the types of healthcare providers and services that can help you  
  • An opportunity to reflect on what referrals and support you would like to support you
  • A Wellbeing Guide to help you understand and think about how you can improve and maintain your wellbeing. 
  • A summary that can be given to your GP (doctor)

How do I access and use My Wellbeing Plan?

The My Wellbeing Plan is a useful resource to keep all your information and appointments in one handy place. You can also take it to health care appointments, so that any care providers involved in your current and future care have a clear picture of your diagnosis and treatment. 

Download your copy of My Wellbeing Plan here.

To make the most of your plan, talk to a PCFA nurse by calling 1800 22 00 99 or emailing [email protected]. They can help you to fill your plan out and keep it up to date. You can also ask a member of your healthcare team to help you with it. 

Key Points

  • PCFA’s survivorship care plan is called the My Wellbeing Plan. 
  • Survivorship recognises the physical, psychosocial, spiritual and economic effects of your cancer
  • My Wellbeing Plan is an evidence-informed resource tailored to meet your specific needs, where you can record your diagnosis, treatments, side ffects, follow-up care, appointments and medications, and can be used to work with your healthcare team on supporting your wellbeing


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