Clinical Trials in Advanced Prostate Cancer

Clinical Trials in Advanced Prostate Cancer

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Clinical trials in advanced prostate cancer

Researchers are working hard to understand advanced prostate cancer and find better ways to treat it. If a treatment looks promising, a clinical trial will be conducted to thoroughly test how effective the treatment is. It can take years for a new treatment to be available through the Medical Benefits Scheme and so the quickest way to access it is by taking part in a clinical trial.

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Clinical Trials

Consider asking your healthcare team or a PCFA nurse if there is a clinical trial available that might be suitable for you. 

To learn more about clinical trials or find clinical trials currently been run, you can also go to the following links:

Key Points

  • New medications or therapies for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer will be studied in clinical trials, and being part of the trial may be the only way to access these emerging therapies 
  • Talk to your healthcare team or PCFA nurse on 1800 22 00 99 about clinical trials appropriate for you