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Pain control in advanced prostate cancer

When your prostate cancer is advanced (spread) it may cause pain, especially if it has spread to your bones. 

There are various treatment and palliative options available to prevent or reduce your pain in the later stage of this disease. These include: 

  • Chemotherapy – prevents or reduces pain from the cancer
  • Radioisotope therapy – aims to reduce the size of tumours, stop further spread and can prevent or reduce bone pain
  • Radiation therapy – a form of radiation therapy called EBRT, may be offered to reduce pain and prevent further cancer growth 
  • Palliative care – used to relieve pain and manage symptoms at any stage of advanced prostate cancer
  • Medications – certain medications, Xgeva (denosumab) or a group of medications called bisphosphonates, can also be given if your cancer has spread to your bones to treat osteoporosis (brittle bones)

Ask your healthcare team, specialist doctor or reach out to a PCFA nurse for more information on pain control for your individual needs and circumstances.

Learn more about palliative care and other resources and support available to you by following the links to: 

Palliative Care

PCFA Nursing & Support

If you are feeling distressed call a PCFA Nurse on 1800 22 00 99 or if you need urgent help, call Lifeline on 13 11 44 or Beyond Blue on 1300 22 46 36

Key points

  • Advanced prostate cancer can cause pain, especially if it has spread to your bones
  • There are various treatments and palliative care options to prevent, reduce and control pain
  • Your specialist doctor and healthcare team can guide you on your available pain control options
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