Traditional Chinese Prostate Cancer Resources

Traditional Chinese Prostate Cancer Resources

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Traditional Chinese prostate cancer resources you can trust

For the latest information on prostate cancer risks, symptoms, detection, diagnosis, treatments, wellbeing, ongoing care and support, you can search this website and access translating and interpreting services.

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前列腺癌 新確診患者診療指南

Prostate Cancer – A guide for newly-diagnosed men

前列腺癌 診療手冊

What you need to know about prostate cancer

是否 應該接受 PSA 檢測?

Should I have a PSA test?

解讀 PSA 檢測結果

About your PSA result

前列腺癌支援 小組

Prostate cancer support groups

瞭解 前列腺治療中的 積極監測

Understanding active surveillance for prostate cancer

瞭解 前列腺癌治療中的 手術

Understanding surgery for prostate cancer

瞭解 前列腺治療中的 放射療法

Understanding radiation therapy for prostate cancer

瞭解 前列腺癌治療中的 激素療法

Understanding hormone therapy for prostate cancer

瞭解 晚期前列 腺癌

Understanding advanced prostate cancer

瞭解 前列腺癌治療中的 排泄副作用

Understanding urinary and bowel side effects

瞭解 前列腺癌治療中的 性功能障礙

Understanding sexual issues following prostate cancer treatment

瞭解 前列腺癌治療中的 健康和福祉

Understanding health & wellbeing with prostate cancer

瞭解 如何幫助患 前列腺癌的 伴侶和家人

Understanding prostate cancer for partners and families

瞭解 罹患前列腺癌 的 LGBTIQA++ 人群

Understanding prostate cancer for LGBTIQA+ people